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Celebrating Twenty Years of Activism

In 2015, Timberwatch is celebrating twenty years of what we would like to believe was truly 'hands on activism'. 

Our journey through the years has been a bumpy ride, and not without a few close shaves in terms of keeping our heads above water (financially that is) and staying on course despite attacks on our integrity and various other attempts to undermine our efforts. 

Yet throughout our child and teenage years we were able to stay true to our original vision, to keep our beady eye on the industrial tree plantation problem, and to research, to monitor, and to expose the threats that large-scale industrial plantations and their industrial processing into pulp and paper, pose to our planet and to its people. 

From the brutal destruction of precious grasslands, woodlands, forests and wetlands, to the mindless theft and pollution of water and the erosion of top soil; to the assault on indigenous peoples and local communities through ruthless corporate land-grabbing and exploitation; we have worked to tell the world the ugly truth about industrial tree plantations. 

But whatever successes we might claim, none could have been possible without the encouragement and involvement of our local members, including both NGOs and individual supporters. In terms of our projects and international activities, very little would have been achieved without the assistance and funding provided by our overseas partners, and for this we are most thankful. 

As we move into 'adulthood', our work will continue to expand, and as an organisation we will aim to develop and to mature, but this will only be possible if we can stay focussed on the issues that are relevant to our core objectives. 

Thank you for reading this rather long message. If you managed to reach this final paragraph, we salute you! Thanks to all for their past and hopefully future, support and involvement. 

The Timberwatch Coalition

  Readers are invited to submit suggestions for news items, images, websites and e-mail groups relevant to the forest and plantation related issues that Timberwatch is engaging with.